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Age is more a mind set than a demographic

Men think in a linear fashion; women are circuitous and programmed to collect information. A woman’s brain has four times as many connections between the left and right hemispheres as a man’s. All of those signals hurtle down the superhighway into her right brain – the home of emotional memory, intuition and experience. A woman not only reads – she attaches feelings to what she’s reading. A woman’s heart is in her brain -

tell her a story that is filled with emotion, and explain why your brand is relevant to her


Age is more a mind set than a demographic.

Whether a woman is 28, 39, or 52, she’ll respond more to

marketing messages that address her life stage, not her biological age.

Unlike previous generations, today’s women are experiencing life in a less linear fashion and more cyclical; women are having babies in their 40s, starting new careers in their 50s, and re-entering the dating scene in their 60s.


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