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Local Trend Reporter

The Nosey Parker concept came to life in 2005.

Margaret Croom, the creator of Nosey Parker, became aware that local residents did not know where the best local stores where to be found. The standard answer when ask “we just go to the mall”. She started writing down names of businesses she found when out and about that were excellent and that she felt she would refer. At a bunko party, she gave a bookmark list to her friends.  The group conceded that the list was very helpful and one friend responded “you should do a guidebook!”   Not knowing much about the publication industry but knowledge of the value of data from 23+ years in the technology industry, Margaret wrote a business plan to help small boutiques and services gain clients through permission ‘niche’ marketing.  Nosey Parker was created in November of 2007 and the Nosey Parker LLC in January 2008, launching the Inland Northwest market in September of 2008, Oklahoma City Metro in November 2009 and Tulsa in January 2011.

“What is next for Nosey Parker?”

We would like there to be a Nosey Parker in every medium market in the United States.  A turn-key business has been created, where an entity or person with some technology background, marketing skills, a high level of motivation – can be The Nosey Parker Experience in her own city.

Nosey Parker is the british word for “overly curious”. It is perfect for the experience and it is a fun way to combine technology, social media and a guide to draw women to support shopping local.