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The Nail Art Craze

Know what’s really been catching my eye lately? It’s a hot trend! I’ts nail art. As you know, I’m always on top of the latest fashion trend, but I also have really been taking notice of some of latest beauty trends as well; nail art is definitely on my radar!

Just like with fashion trends, you have to make the trend work for you. You can really go all out or you can vere on the side of subtley. Brights or neautrals. Patterns or solids. Bling and shine or simple and subtle.         .

Nail Art - blue and white


Classic: a simple but statement color with only one “feature” nail.



Transitioning: Summer to Fall

That time between seasons. It’s late summer, back to school season and fall is right around the corner. You still are loving wearing your cute sundresses, sandals and summer whites. However, you are starting to see a peak of upcoming fall fashion… NP OKC - on a whim fall transition pieces joie

NP OKC on a whim fall outfit

Images via On A Whim OKC

  Despite the temptation of upcoming gorgeous fall fashion you’re seeing in your local boutiques, we’re still not quite to a point where we can pack away those sundresses. Now is the time to start slowly and creatively start transitioning your summer favorites into fall. So ladies, don’t pack away those strappy sandals yet.   (more…)

Tax Free Weekend Is Here!

Nosey Parker Rolled Jeans


Are you ready to shop til you drop? Well I hope so! There are major deals and steals to be had this weekend? It’s Tax Free Weekend! Getting ready to back to school? Preparing to head off to college and need a few things? Just want to treat yourself by taking advantage of the awesome deals? No matter the reason, make sure to take advantage of the deals to be had this weekend.

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Happy Shopping!

The Overall Trend

We’ve had many trends to choose from this spring/summer season: the return of birkenstocks, skorts, LWD (little white dress) and more. Some we love….some we don’t . One that I’ve been pondering this summer has been the overall trend. I can’t remember the last time I even thought of wearing overalls…until I saw them start popping up in the fashion world again this summer season.

s jules overalls