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Christian Louboutin went sky high with 6 inch Mary Janes, the “Lady Daf”

We’ve seen animal print become more of a timeless classic over the past few years.  However, each season brings a new “it” skin.  Since spring, Python has dominated the runways and magazines, and the trend is continuing into summer!  YSL was one of the first to show this look and went bright and bold with their “Tribute” Python Sandal and their “Baobob” Python Wedge Sandals.

With hefty price tags, and the extreme heights/bold colors, not everyone can afford to rock these shoes.  Fortunately, we can take the look from runway to reality by incorporating a little skin into our wardrobes in more subtle ways.  Accessories are an easy way to incorporate trends into your daily look, and are easier to switch out each season.

Many local boutiques picked up on this trend quickly, and I am seeing python accessories just about everywhere I turn.  The key to this trend is not to go too crazy.  Don’t match the python bag to the python shoes, and don’t mix python patterns.  Use the print to accentuate the outfit and give it an extra pop of texture and style.  Whether you go bold or play it safe with neutrals, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices:

Clutches from S Boutique in Edmond

Clutches from S Boutique in Edmond

Shoes from Pink Sugar Shoe Boutique in Edmond: 

Pink Sugar Shoe Boutique

Pink Sugar Shoe Boutique

Pink Sugar Shoe Boutique

Handbags from Pink Sugar Shoe Boutique in Edmond: 

Pink Sugar Shoe Boutique

Pink Sugar Shoe Boutique

Bracelets from Isabella in Edmond: 

It is expected that this trend will have staying power, continuing into fall with bolder colors.  Pair one of the bracelets above with layered bangles and a chunky men’s watch.  Pair a python skinny belt with a suit or over a cardigan for a work-appropriate take on this trend.  The possibilities are numerous, and options are easily accessible here in our own backyard.  Now, get out there and show some skin!

Do have any python?  What is your favorite piece? Please leave a reply.

•    Kari, Nosey Parker Secret Shopper


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  1. dcathy

    Love those handbags.

  2. kdb

    Pink Sugar Shoe Boutique looks awesome!!

  3. GAHarris

    I want one of the bracelets from Isabella!!

  4. jahni

    My nude python heels have been my go to summer shoe. They’ve made appearances at summer weddings, weekends out in Dallas, they even stopped by the office a time or two. I’m hoping to find a pair of pythons that will carry me into fall…any suggestions?

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