Feel free to favorite this page and of course, share it with your girlfriends because you will love all the tips on Fashion & Beauty.  These are basic “shares” from loads of research on how to look and feel fashionable as well as putting the best “beautiful you” forward.

I will cover bra’s, how not to be a “don’t”, best dressed interview wardrobe, dressing for your body type, helping your GQ man, the essentials of any wardrobe, best looks for the plus-size beauty, age appropriate style, get your sexy-on not your ho-on, glorious jeans guide, what your hands and nails say about you and the #1 clicked on tip … looking 10 lbs. thinner instantly!

Hold tight … all of these FASHION & BEAUTY FAQ’S are coming soon!




For the BLACKBERRY, ANDROID, SAMSUNG, NOKIA – Compatible with all of the these SMARTPHONES.   You can can click on the telephone number for calling, internet access on website urls and click on address for google mapping.  NO PUSH NOTIFICATIONS for new products, sales, etc.  You have to look them up each day.  On your phone, type in and when it appears, click favorite on your tool bar.

For use with iPHONE, iPOD Touch and iPAD: The app will have full functionality with gps, phone, online buying and an inbox push notification system that will make sure you do not miss anything! Any new information downloads automatically when you open the app.



The Nosey Parker Shopping Tours are designed to provide locals and visitors with a sophisticated shopping experience.

The shopping tours showcase the finest shopping in a convenient, exclusive, VIP excursion. Tour participants travel in limo style and are treated as every woman should be–a queen. Nosey Parker Shopping Tours offer a wide range of shops from fashion to home decor and accessories to specialty gift items. Each store on the tour will provide you with a fabulous experience and a tour special.

Chic shops, with your personal interests in mind, help to find the perfect items to take home. For full day tours, there also will be a choice of lunch at a one of Nosey Parker’s favorite restaurants or box lunches in the limo – your choice.

Watch my episode on Discover Oklahoma TV covering the Nosey Parker Shopping Tours: CLICK AND WATCH.



Would you like a nice, yet brief, email letting you know EXACTLY what Nosey Parker loves about the local boutiques and services she frequents?  Sometimes reading about so many at one time isn’t too helpful.  I want you to get to know the business and what they offer.  Each email has a brief synopsis, how to connect with that business and any time of event, sale or new product line they want us all to know about.

I have a folder in my email box called “The Daily Nosey Parker” and save each email.  The subject line has the store name so it’s very convenient!


"Nosey Parker is a sleuth for all the best local shopping and services in the Oklahoma City Metro Area."

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